Ross Powell

My name is Ross Powell. They tell me that I have autism. I love art. Art is my voice. I enjoy drawing, painting and clay modeling. Welcome to my site and don’t forget to buy my art. Appreciate the love.

My Story

On Jan 1, 2012, my mom and dad made the brave decision to leave my birth country of Trinidad and Tobago to migrate to Florida, USA so that I could have greater access to special needs education. As my big brother RJ wrote in his school essay, “Mom and dad have to get some money for us to go to America to take the autism out of Rossi’s head.” They would later find out that I had more than autism in my head. I had art.

One day my mother discovered that I enjoyed drawing and coloring and she started focusing on my passion. I started drawing planes, car washes, elevators and making animals out of clay. I would even draw public bathrooms, like the one at my school with the handicap signs and every detail. My mom also started to advocate that they give me more hours of art classes at school. She immediately realized that art keeps me calm. It was the way I communicated what was going on in my head.


My Mission

Today, I am still a student of art, and I would probably be an art student for a very long time. I see the world through art, and I am always inspired. I was born an artist, and I am not afraid to color outside the lines. That is what is required to truly enjoy life. Welcome to my site. Hope you enjoy my work.

Peace and Love